Information: 28DayMuscle is developed to help you build muscular mass with scientific facts at an impressive rate.

“Tired of trying everything and barely noticing any results?
Take a picture of yourself before trying this program and another one after 28 days and you will be surprised to observe the improvements.”

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General Data:

It is specifically designed for those who dream about a sculptural body. It may look like a weight loss program, but the truth is that it can do more than that. Bodybuilding automatically comes with weight loss.

The program was developed as an experiment. Surprisingly enough, the results were obvious. It was constantly updated with scientific facts and clinical studies before reaching to the audience. It was not tested on athletes or bodybuilding freaks, but on regular men only. The results were simply amazing. They did not just lose their bellies and fat tissues, but they also came up with good looking muscles and shapes. In the end, such a program is meant to transform your body.

What Happens?

So what happens during the 28DayMuscle program? First of all, the developer has focused on particular training exercises. Their primary goal is to burn fat and builds muscle, so you shoot two rabbits with one bullet. Some other sets of exercises focus on increasing strength and stamina too. The eating program is just as important and implies a healthy diet to work with the training sessions. The diet is responsible for providing energy while losing fat. All in all, the whole program takes 28 days. It can easily be continued for more professional results, but the 28 days are more than enough for any regular guy who only wants to look better.

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The Program:

28DayMuscle is split into multiple smaller programs or components.

Each of them has its own particularities. The main component covers the whole plan. Each day is specifically planned to blend into the program and connect to the next one. The program covers the main principles athletes train by, as well as a few simple tricks to gain as much as possible from each training session.

The second component consists of training videos that clearly describe each exercise. Exercises are explained in the main guide too, but a few videos are worth a thousand words. You will have no doubts regarding the overall performance.

The third and final component brings in the meal plan. The diet is specifically developed to provide all the nutrients required to lose weight and gain muscular mass. It works along with the actual training program.

As if all these were not enough, the bonus checklist notebook helps you make sure that you follow each step by the book, without missing any meals, exercises or tips. A calendar, a few printable workout sheets and a motivational CD come as freebies too, only to help you follow your dreams.

In the end, 28DayMuscle is clearly the virtual trainer you have always wanted, with proven results and clinical backup studies.

Click here to download 28DayMuscle now*

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