The Importance Of Allowing Children To Go For Extracurricular Activities

Education is an importance asset for all the children in the world and that is the reason why it has been identified as one of the fundamental rights that a human being has. Education is not only about going to school, listening to the lecture and sitting for exams. An education has a wider scope and a deep meaning. Classroom education gives only a theoretical knowledge but it does not develop the practical thinking of a child. This is important because a child should be allowed to think and study, think and come in to conclusion and as parents and teachers adults should be able to understand from their point and help them to develop. Sports helps so much for the mind development for the practical training it gives and that can be a source of education too.

Therefore every child should be allowed to choose their favorite extracurricular activity and allow them to follow their own passion. While some choose sports and other games, some would follow artistic subjects such as singing, dancing, art and creativity and so on. This totally depends on the choice and passion of the child and the adults around the child should allow them to go for it as the advantages those bring to their lives are priceless.

Moreover it is the duty and the responsibility of the administrations of the schools to bring in sports and other activities apart from classroom education for the children learning in that particular school. There should be sports such as cricket, badminton, swimming, basketball and so on. One of the most famous sports is soccer and children love to take part in it as to the amusement it has. There are many responsible bodies in any country today for private soccer coaching as it is one interesting sport.

When coaching them this sport, the coacher must be able to advance skills and start from the very basics, goalkeeper training is a must for the student. Through this, their eyes get trained and they get to feel the instincts while playing the game. This is helpful when it comes to classroom education as well because their practical thinking gets developed and these sports are the foundation for those abilities the child may carry. Therefore it shows that when the child is active, studying and taking challenges in life becomes easier for them. The schools must allow and make mandatory to follow at least one extracurricular activity for a student.